” Life is short, the world is wide”, says an infamous travel quote. This beautiful and wide world makes people to their bags and book flight tickets, stepping out of their comfort zone for and adventure of a lifetime. The word “traveling” gives the positive feeling of happines, freedom, and liveliness. On the other hand, you may also feel nervous, confused, or exhausted as you decide to travel. It is perfectly fine, especially when it is your first time traveling. That’s where travel tips for beginners come through.

Get the best experiences during your trip with these essential travel tips for beginners! Here are ten things you should take note of as a beginner or first-time traveler:-

1. Do Comprehensive Research about the Destination:-

Having a handful of information about the destination you are going to is necessary. It is great to know what the weather is like, what the local people usually like, what language is spoken in the country, and what the food looks like. You will love a beginner-friendly destination if you are traveling for the first time, so it’s recommended to do some research about it. Spend your time scrolling travel blogs, watching travel vlogs on Youtube, and taking notes of travel tips you might stumble upon online. If you travel internationaly, you should check the country’s government website for travel requirements. Here are some 5W’s and 1H you can use for your research:-

  • What:- What is your destination’s current situation? What are the requirements to enter a specific country? What time does your destination open? What are the best things to do at your destination?
  • Who:- Who are the people of your desired destination? What is their culture and everyday life look like?
  • Why:- Why travel to that destination? Why should I learn the local language of this country?
  • Where:- Where can you buy cheap and delicious food? Where you can find a clinic? Where can you find great drinks for the night?
  • When:- When should you go to a certain destination?
  • How:- How are the weather and climate? How do you get to your destination? How to get your visa?

2. Do Budgeting and Plan Your Itinerary:-

Budgeting and planning your itinerary is a must! Budgeting helps you to estimate the money you will need for a trip. Being strict with your budget may help you to save a lot during your trip. You should include your plane tickets, accomodation, entrance fees, eats and everything else in your budget. Securing an emergency fund is also important to prepare for unexpected situations during your trip. You can allocate around 20% of your total budget to an emergency fund.

Furthermore, an itinerary helps you to secure your budget. Planning an itinerary allows you to manage your schedule, commute effectievely, and save money during trips. Planning an itinerary makes your trip effective and exciting.

3. Make sure you have all your Documents:-

Your documents should be at the top of your priority list. Make sure that you have your passport, visa, ID card and driver’s license. We would recommend making copies of those documents in both hardcopy and softcopy. You can store your documents in cloud backups or personal folders in your phone.

4. Secure Your Insurance:-

Having travel insurance is essential for your trip. It could give you peace of mind, protection from unexcepted events and risks, and secure your travel investment. Travel insurance can help you with the smallest things such as lost bags, medical emergencies, etc. It is helpful to secure travel insurance from a trusted company. With less worry and greater security, your trips can be comfier.

5. Scroll Through Multiple Websites for Flight Tickets:-

Who doesn’t love affordable flight tickets? There are some hacks for finding the cheapest flight tickets, including buying tickets around 2-3 months before your trip. The other hack is checking multiple websites and comparing the prices. You may find plane tickets on a website that are much cheaper than other websites. Scrolling patiently through multiple websites can help you to save more money on plane tickets. You can check out Google Flight, Expedia and Skyscanner for updated flight ticket info.

6. Choose Your Accomodations Wisely:-

This one is an essential budget-saving tip. Your choice of accomodation contributes to how much money you will spend during travel. You can stay in a luxurious villa with brilliant facilities or stay in a warm, homey hostel. If you are traveling on a budget, staying in a hostel or going couch surfing can be a great idea. Sharing rooms with other travelers in a hostel or staying on someone’s couch allows you to meet like-minded travelers. Cool, isn’t it?

Other Tips:- You want to book your room a minimum of a week before your stay, especially in the high season. In that way, you can secure a room at a lower price.

7. Pack Travel Essentials in your Bag:-

Make yourself comfortable with travel essentials! You will find yourself falling into a comfy sleep on the airplane or easily charging your mobile in a remote plane. These light and essential stuff will be helpful during your trips. Some of them include:-

  1. Personal Medication- Bring your own medication and simple first aid items such as bandages and paracetamols. It is essential, especially if you are traveling to a foreign country where you don’t speak language.

2. Cash- Having cash money in your pocket is handy. Lots of street vendors and shops only receive cash for payments. Having some cash allows you to have no trouble buying snacks or drinks from small vendors.

3. Reusable water bottles- Bringing your own water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated and save money on mineral water. You can easily refill the bottle and bring it with you on trips. In addition, reusable water bottles are eco-friendly!

4. Adapter- Making sure you have packed your charging adapter is crucial. Having your phone and gadgets fully charged will be essential during your trip. It is recommended to bring more than one adapter with you. In case you forget one, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets as your have a spare one.

5.Daypacks- Pack your stuff in day packs for convenience. Rather than bringing large backpacks, you can bring small day packs for everyday trips. You can also bring a foldable daypacks to save room in your luggage.

6.Noise-cancelling headphones- These headphones will be handy for long flights. The noise-cancelling feature can make you sleep calmly during long flights. Your can also find yourself listening to music or enjoying in-flight entertainment with the convenient headphone.

8. Blend In With the Locals:-

One of the best ways to know a country is by talking with locals! You can gain new insights regarding the culture, best places, must-try cuisines or even the language of the country you are visiting from the locals. Being friendly to a local during your trip is a good idea! Furthermore, blending in with the locals gives you more safety. You won’t make it easy for bad guys as you have the locals by your side!

9. Check-In with your Family and Friends:-

Sending pictures of your trip or random texts to your friends or family members can be a fun way to tell your travel stories. It is also a great way to tell your friends and family that you are doing fine. Make sure you check-in with your family and friends for your safety. Tell them about your itinerary or where are you going on that day. It is important to make someone aware of your location and schedule, especially when you are travelling in a foreign country.

10. Go With Travel Buddies:-

Having travel buddies during your trip will hype up the experience! You have people to share travel stories, crazy moments, exciting experiences and even the costs with. Eating out at restaurants, sharing bottles of drinks, staying in hotel rooms or even renting a car is easier in a group. Find travel buddies and go on amazing trips.

We hope that these travel tips for beginners are helpful to you. Whenever you are ready-pack your bags, book your tickets, and go on for an adventure of a lifetime! If you feel like travelling with friends or in groups, we got you!

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